Tel: (760) 401-1096

6001 Curtis Place, California City, CA 93505

About Us

​We are a small general aviation aircraft maintenance, modification and repair facility specializing in Cessna 100 series aircraft, with a  focus on Cessna 170, 180-85 and Cessna 190-95 airframe repair.  We also have an online used

parts store for classic Cessna parts.

We’re located on California City (L-71) Municipal Airport in the high desert of Southern California near Edwards Air Force Base and Mojave Air and Space Port.
Taxi to the west end of the airport and
we are adjacent to Norm Hill Aviation.


Our primary objective at Q-Aeromotive

is Cessna single engine structural airframe 

repair, maintenance and modification



Specialties include:

* Annual Inspections
* Structural / sheet-metal repair

* STC airframe modifications
* Control surface repair / rebuilding
* Sportsman STOL / WING X installations
*taildragger conversions